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Real Estate Payday Loan: The Draft Order That Affects the Borrowers

    Consumers associations are angry about a draft order that would prevent borrowers to be properly compensated if an error appeared in the calculation of the interest rate of their mortgage. The government could thus cap at 30% of the total cost of the loan the compensation due to the borrowers , whereas currently, they can obtain that the whole interests of the mortgage loan are canceled. Error calculating… Read Article →

News on Payday Loans

  News   “It is totally wrong to argue that any rebates or rebates, legitimate state aid given to energy-intensive industries, are passed on to the consumer,” says a member of the Industrial Consumers’ Energy Consortium (EBICEN). He stresses that energy-intensive industries support exports and keep jobs stable and considers the problem of “oligopolies worse than the state monopoly!” This is his answer-reaction to our questions, why the costs of… Read Article →