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GOMA invites comments on Common Objectives and Requirements for Organic Standards

GOMA is adding a new Annex to EquiTool, which facilitates equivalence assessments of organic standards and is based on objectives and corresponding basic requirements.  After taking comments from the first draft of this Annex, we are now inviting comments on the second draft.  The second draft, called Common Objectives and Requirements of Organic Standards (COROS) now consists of two versions.  A spreadsheet version provides a highly practical template for assessing standards.  The Annex is also published in the form of a standard document for easy reading and comprehension.  To learn more about the consultation and access the templates, please view this document GOMA_consultation_COROS2.  The second draft is now also being developed in cooperation with IFOAM, and this is further explained in the invitation to comment.

To view comments on the first draft and GOMA’s response to the comments, please view this document: compiled_comments_Main Objectives_v-consulation_RESPONSES

To view a summary of the changes from the first draft to second draft, please view this document:  Summary-revisions_COROS_D1-D2

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