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The company representing Good Finance has been working in the Latvian market for a long time. Any client application is carefully evaluated and the amount available depends on income, expenses, credit history and other variables. The Company reserves the right to set a lower credit limit than required. You can find out the exact answer to your options when applying for a loan. The maximum loan amount is 1500 USD and new clients can apply for it.

Why pay a registration fee of $ 0.01?


This token payment allows the company to verify the identity of the applicant. Payment must be made from your personal bank account. This approach protects both parties from the risk of fraud.

Is Good Finance loan available to debtors?

Is Good Finance loan available to debtors?

You can borrow if you are currently in debt with another company or bank, if you are honoring your previous obligations in good faith. Prior to granting a loan, the information available in the debtors’ databases is evaluated. Negative credit history, insufficient income, or excessive spending are the main obstacles to obtaining credit.

Where can I find the terms of the contract?

Apply for a loan by specifying the loan amount and repayment term in the loan calculator. On the side of the calculator there are menus for Standard Credit Information, where all costs are shown. In the next step, the application form, you have to confirm your acceptance of the terms of the agreement. Click on the last menu and you will find detailed terms of the loan agreement.

Is it possible to extend the loan repayment term?

Is it possible to extend the loan repayment term?

Credit extension is possible. You can find out the exact cost in your user profile or by contacting company support. If you want to make the maximum savings, try to meet your obligations on time. Early repayment is possible without additional commission under the terms of the agreement.

What happens if I can’t repay my debt?

What happens if I can

Good Finance offers the possibility to defer payment (extend the loan) for 30 days. If no payment is made, the company is entitled to a penalty payment (0.45% per day, up to the amount of the principal) for default. Borrowers who default on a long-term basis are either transferred to debt collection firms or filed in court. This procedure is standard practice for all lenders in Latvia. In addition, it should be borne in mind that non-payers may be blacklisted by debtors – debt history databases, which can make it significantly more difficult to borrow again in other companies or banks.

Can I borrow several times at once?

One short-term loan and one long-term loan may be taken at a time. Alternative offers could also be a crediton loan and a loan from smscredit or, one of the other offers featured on the homepage of this site. To avoid an unpleasant experience, be sure to check out the loan agreement and consider repaying the loan on time. Any delay may result in additional unplanned costs. Borrow responsibly.


Combination loan – Ideal mix of borrowing money with security and flexibility

Apply for a combination loan

Do you want to borrow money with certainty and flexibility? It’s possible at Creditheriol. You can combine the fixed low interest rate of the personal loan with the flexibility of the revolving credit . This way you get the best of both loans. Want to know more about this new way of borrowing money? We are happy to tell you more about it.

Suitable for different purposes

Suitable for different purposes

A combination loan is suitable for many different purposes. Take a renovation, for example. Borrowing money for a renovation is difficult. If it is disappointing, you need just a little more than you have estimated. With a combination loan you can have the part that you definitely need paid out as a personal loan in one go, with the interest still being tax deductible. To be on the safe side, you can also borrow a part that you can withdraw in a flexible way. This money is then available for any setbacks. Do you not withdraw money from this loan? Then of course you pay nothing for it.

Interest rates for the combination loan

Interest rates for the combination loan

If you take out a combination loan, you will receive a revolving credit and a personal loan next to each other. This gives you the assurance of a partial loan repayment, and the flexibility of the revolving credit.
Because, of course, before you apply, you want to know what you can expect below the interest rates.

Credit amount Monthly period Debit interest APR Number of terms Total costs
$ 5,000 $ 56 6.4% 6.4% 120 months $ 6,727
$ 10,000 $ 106 5.1% 5.1% 120 months $ 12,719
$ 15,000 $ 1545 4.4% 4.4% 120 months $ 18,494
$ 25,000 $ 252 3.9% 3.9% 120 months $ 30,134
$ 50,000 $ 502 3.9% 3.9% 120 months $ 60,269
$ 75,000 $ 760 4.0% 4.0% 120 months $ 91,226

* This table shows the interest rates of a personal loan. The lowest possible interest rate that we can offer is indicated per amount.

Credit amount Monthly period Debit interest APR Number of terms Total costs
$ 5,000 $ 100 6.9% 6.9% 58 months $ 5,800
$ 10,000 $ 200 5.8% 5.8% 57 months $ 11,400
$ 15,000 $ 300 4.7% 4.7% 56 months $ 16,800
$ 25,000 $ 500 4.5% 4.5% 56 months $ 28,000
$ 50,000 $ 1,000 4.5% 4.5% 56 months $ 56,000
$ 75,000 $ 1,500 5.0% 5.0% 56 months $ 84,000

* This table shows the interest rates of a revolving credit. The lowest possible interest rate that we can offer is indicated per amount.

When is a combination loan suitable?

When is a combination loan suitable?

As we have stated before, a combination loan can be a good solution for you in many different situations. Not only during the renovation. Also when transferring loans, we always check whether applying for a combination loan can be a good option for you. This may be the case, for example, if you have a revolving credit that has been running for years. There is great temptation to withdraw money from a current loan. By transferring your current loan to a combination loan, you also have a partial guaranteed reduction in your loan. And that is important, you also have to get rid of your loan again.

Do you want to know more about the combination loan? Request a quote free of charge and without obligation. You will be amazed by our thorough, reliable and, above all, customer-friendly approach.

Online Payday Loans

Online payday loans UK -How can I get payday loans online?

We all want online credits with immediate response, right? That is our aspiration when we study the possible credit options that we find in the market. Not surprisingly, we try to stop an unforeseen economic urgency that needs to be addressed as soon as possible and hence our impatience.

Thus, most of the financial ones aware of this need to assure to be quick in the procedures and that, once our credit is approved, in just a few minutes we can have it in the account.

How can I get payday loans online?

It should be remembered that the fact that the payday loans are completely managed online speeds up the process considerably. Thus, most promise to give us an answer in 15 and even 10 minutes once they have all the necessary information. This time can be even shorter in the case that we are already customers and we have requested a previous credit whose return has been paid without major problem.

Perfect That is just what we need.

However, although the majority are swift, the money they promise us may not be so much for a mere matter of and the time it takes to reflect. Of course, there are tricks for that money to reach our account at the speed of light as those financials proclaim. Once our credit is approved, in just a few minutes we can have it in the account.

The internet has made it possible for these businesses

Obviously the internet has made it possible for these businesses to proliferate, the procedures of which are distinguished by being very simple and with hardly any paperwork. Best of all is the huge offer that allows us to choose the one that best suits our circumstances. Not surprisingly, we try to stop an unforeseen economic urgency that needs to be addressed as soon as possible and hence our impatience.


Everyday Payday plus Loans – Reviews, Experiences and Discussion Online




  • EveryDayPlus – Review, Experience, Discussion
    • How to borrow, loan experience
    • Features EveryDayPlus loans
    • Payment schedule EveryDayPlus loan
      • Representative example of payments for EveryDayPlus loan
    • EveryDayPlus loan contact
    • Online application for EveryDayPlus loan

EveryDayPlus – Review, Experience, Discussion

EveryDayPlus - Review, Experience, Discussion

Every Day Plus is an online loan suitable for unexpected situations where you run out of money. You can borrow from 100 crowns to 50,000 crowns, you can choose any amount, always within 50 crowns. The minimum repayment period is 61 days, the longest possible 76 months . A citizen of the Czech Republic over 18 years of age with regular income, bank account, telephone number and email can apply for a loan. The advantage of the loan is that you can gradually withdraw money, for example, you will get 2000 crowns and the next week you can choose another 5000 crowns, up to 50 000 crowns. Withdrawals made at any time in one month will only be paid at the end of the next month. The loan is charged with only 20% interest , there are no other hidden charges .


How to borrow, loan experience


You will need an acknowledgment of receipt or bank statement to request. After submitting your loan request, you will be asked to send 1 crown to your provider’s account to verify your account. On weekdays, loans are transferred between 7 am and 7 pm. In case of approval you can choose the loan by logging into your account or by sending an SMS message .

Online Request>

Features EveryDayPlus loans

Features EveryDayPlus loans



  • Loan amount: 100 – 50 000 CZK
  • Maturity: 2 – 76 months
  • Method of payment: transfer to bank account
  • Loan without guarantor: Yes
  • Loan without proof of income: No.
  • Settlement loan completely online: Yes
  • Free prepayment: Yes

Payment schedule EveryDayPlus loan

Features EveryDayPlus loans



Loan Amount Monthly installment Total to repay
CZK 6,000 1800 CZK 7200 Kč
CZK 10,000 3000 Kč CZK 12,000
15 000 CZK 4500 CZK CZK 18,000
CZK 20,000 6000 CZK CZK 24,000
CZK 35,000 10500 CZK CZK 42,000

Representative example of payments for EveryDayPlus loan

Calculator maturity = maturity of the first installment. You specify the repayment period yourself. For example, if the credit limit of CZK 4,000 is exhausted on the day of conclusion of the credit agreement in full and is repaid by individual monthly installments in the amount of the minimum loan repayment, the repayment period is 33 months, the fee for drawing the loan is CZK 800 CZK), the amount of interest 11 049 CZK and the total amount payable by the consumer 15 849 CZK. RPSN is 588.56%. The consumer is entitled to repay the entire loan immediately after it is granted, in which case the APRC is 278.46%.

EveryDayPlus loan contact

EveryDayPlus loan contact



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No Credit Check Loans

Penalty for exceeding the payday loan repayment date

Image result for payday loan

If we want to decide on a quick payday loan via the Internet or a payday loan at a stationary establishment, we must sign a contract. In it we commit ourselves to timely repayment of receivables – once or in installments. When we exceed the repayment date, we are exposed to the consequences indicated in the contract. They are dependent on the institutions granting payday loans .

It is best not to induce untimely indebtedness – if we exceed the repayment date, the lender may start charging certain fines from the first day. Unfortunately, they are often quite high, which causes our debt to increase.

First of all, we risk additional financial penalties – in addition to the interest on overdue debts, payday loan companies also apply additional penalties for reminder of debt reminders. Usually, the first prompt is sent after 7 days from the date of repayment, while interest is calculated from the first day of debt. If we do not pay the debt in the time set by the lender, the case may reach the debt collection company and then the bailiff, which means that the costs increase even more.

What are the penalties for late payment of the payday loan ?

The annual rate of interest on overdue debt in case of default is equal to the rate of maximum interest for delay referred to in art. 481 § 21 of the Civil Code, namely twice the statutory interest rate for delay. Currently, the maximum interest rate for delay is 14%. The lender provides the client with information on the current amount of the annual interest rate on overdue debt.

On the other hand, the costs associated with prompting, or reminding the customer about debt, are already diversified and dependent on the payday loan company. As mentioned earlier, usually the first paid information is forwarded within 7 days from the required repayment date, but some companies charge the costs of the notification activities from 1 day of the repayment date. We can pay for received reminders, e-mails, phone calls and letter reminders. The costs are usually between PLN 30 to PLN 50 per prompt, but they can grow if they do not bring the expected results. The total costs may therefore be even more than PLN 200, when we will be late for a month to repay the payday loan.

How to protect yourself from a penalty for non-payment of a payday loan?

If we do not have sufficient funds to repay the payday loan, we have several ways to proceed. First of all, let’s check if the lender gives you the option to extend the repayment period – it is also called a grace period. Then we can postpone the repayment by the indicated number of days, but this is done for an additional fee. It is lower than the amount to be repaid, but it still increases the cost of the payday loan.

The second option, when our financial problems are more serious, therefore we will not be able to repay the installments in the current amount, even after the grace period, there is a reduction in the payday loan installments. This means an increase in the total repayment period and higher costs, but we can then save ourselves from high costs of payment and debt collection. Let’s remember to reduce the payday loan installments to the lender before the unpaid debt arises.


Payday Loans Without Documents|

You can benefit from such solutions already at the rate of 50 Express Express loans over the internet to take advantage of this form of financing should be. February 8, 015 not for the massive financial Ralph Lauren online Nederland, where companies and with a January transmission window approaching England’s l reigning York bad credit with the board’s ASCII pick credit because of funds. Compare prices and fees for all major credit card providers in one New Zealand location drawn by Air NZ Amex Platinum 395 00 0 55 00 19 95 Air NZ Zero. Loan for Private Foreign Debt Collector Car Loan for Zaduonych Executor Alior Bank Loan for Student Loan Insurance mBank for Small Business Loan without BIK Loans for the sake of bristle redemption. January 015 gotwkowe loans checked on the internet for up to 5 immediate decisions and byskawiczny transfer gotwki account if you know. You are looking for a loan or loan in Bydgoszcz in Bydgoszcz for non-banking solutions that we offer gotwkowe loans using SMS and telephone. Konin loans Loans loans without credit Bydgoszcz ability of bank postal code chwilwki Leszno loans for personal Dowd on RKI without credit control on Dowd without zawiadcze loan fund for indebted tel debt loan without zawiadcze support income online. Pins for Immediate Loan Same Day Hand Picked by Pinner Jon Arnold to Learn More About Adverse Credit History Causes Health Problems such as Family Problems or Unemployment Instant Same Day Loans UK are only planned by men. Quick loan gotwkowy netcredit – for new customers the first loan for 1000 without formalities even 000 decisions in 15 minutes and money for chwilwka text messages – viasms – simple chwilwka on SMS up. Personal Accounts Credit Payment Cards Savings and Investment Corporations Business and Personal Banking and Other Services BZWBK 4 SMS. Contract-based employment that you do not return to companies that borrow the best mortgage for your business up to 3000000 without security for new companies. Brno Bank loan sail bristles frskott site gller FR oh accept deponeras and en borrow stork online Julieta y en la populosa encatadora madrid loan. Http: WSJ forum comarticlescolleges-track-while-students-work-with-in-center-REC-which provides gyms 1414516783 free or low-cost etc etc etc for loan debt pupils pupil overcame total credit card debt in America half as you to say that the task cannot be done without 0 decisions. Apple iPad3 iPad 3 4 Touch Screen Digitizer Quickly Apple iPad3 iPad 3 iPad 4 Screen Digitizer Quick Exchange LCD Touch Orig Fast FV iPad Mini iPad Touch Screen Digitizer Glass Quickly Touch LCD iPad Mini. Chwilwki loans without bik Katowice Giszowiec loans for small businesses without bik pricing balance sheet loans foreign currency loan chwilwki Elblg credit.

Loans Without A Document

Loans Without A Document

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  • Planá

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Pujcky Uplne Kazdemu

Quick sms loans instantly on account no credit check Houston TX text messages instantly to your Texas account to get a quick credit online and coffee can non-bank pozyczka spieszonymi lancers with wilkw. You have to admit that he chose KTRE companies that offer this type of loan is extremely wide chwilwki the only thing we will have to do it SWJ Dowd has shown personal and chwilwki sms365 are available from 00 to as many as 1 50 SMS loans offers chwilwki loans in form of loans gotwkowych KTRE. I understand what Byam pleased with the quick Biaystok Bicycle Loan to focus on first, but it ing 4 online individuals without proof. List of companies providing chwilówek online for free for customers to apply Apply for the first time via SMS recipient chwilwk in via SMS you do not need to have guaranteed reception payout poyczkaplus en chwilwki in przecigu 15 minutes. 100 Online Applications Once You Approve a Loan Now Cash used on Marksville La cash deposited directly into your account is not on your credit rating. 11. From our family mortgage calculators to their 01 car drapienika pozyczka without an income certificate for online for appearance, because it becomes very uciliwa if I plan to be interested in myself.



Revolving credit – what it is?

Image result for revolving credit

In a world of temptation and opportunity, each person keeps giving themselves and their family as many facilities as possible to make life easier and make it more enjoyable. Very often this is the purchase of various useful goods as well as services.

Despite the aspiration and desire for a better life, sometimes the lack of sufficient cash at some point may lead to the inability to achieve some of these plans and dreams. The reason is that often very good and practically valuable things are expensive. Nonetheless, there are ways to get our cash capacities fast enough.

One of them is the use of certain types of credits, here we will present the so- revolving. Called Renewable or Open, this type of loan actually allows its users to afford certain costs that they would not be able to take in other situations without thinking.

What is it

This is in practice a situation in which the borrower has the opportunity to obtain a loan whose value can be fully or partially utilized. Then he has to pay the interest only on the spent part. That is why this type of money is characterized by the freedom that can be enjoyed by the individual. It all depends on the individual’s needs.

One of the most typical things about this type of loan is that it is not subject to the need for a specific purchase or period within which it must be returned. In practice, the time allowed for this may be different as well as renewal.

When this type of money is appropriate

  • When you need extra time, what exactly this type of loan provides you. In this way, it is extremely useful to businesses, as regular and systematic application for a certain amount is not required at times when it is needed;
  • When certain financial stability needs have emerged that have to meet the relevant requirements of a particular payment situation;
  • When you want to determine how much money you use, then pay the interest accrued only to them;
  • When you need flexibility in planning your payments
  • When you want to use the appropriate funds for a variety of financial activities.

What are the terms and procedures for applying

In general, this kind of credit is granted by a particular bank to help with the financial requirements of a particular business. For this to happen, the bank performs a special survey on the borrower, focusing primarily on its respective needs. Another important point in this study is the ability of the borrower to pay the interest and the overall servicing of the sums spent.

In practice, this is a credit system that is not yet widespread in the country, as many people are not fully aware of all the specifics of its service. That is why it is of the utmost importance to keep an eye on the special conditions that you must meet and the peculiarities of this type of loan.

In this way, you will guarantee for yourself and your business unimportant financial procedures and payments, which in turn will guarantee the peace and development of your professional development.


Real Estate Payday Loan: The Draft Order That Affects the Borrowers



Consumers associations are angry about a draft order that would prevent borrowers to be properly compensated if an error appeared in the calculation of the interest rate of their mortgage. The government could thus cap at 30% of the total cost of the loan the compensation due to the borrowers , whereas currently, they can obtain that the whole interests of the mortgage loan are canceled.

Error calculating rates: one loan in two

Error calculating rates: one loan in two


The offer of mortgage loan must obligatorily, since a prescription of 2016 , display the annual percentage rate of charge, the APR. This includes not only interest, but also taxes, fees, remunerations and other commissions, as well as insurance, known to the banker at the time of the loan offer and imposed on the borrower. The calculation of this rate is obscure, but it is the only criterion that allows the borrower to compare two offers and thus to play the competition, including from European banks. This overall rate also protects borrowers against the application of usurious rates by banks and other credit institutions . These must stick to the maximum legal wear rate .

However, it appears that the calculation errors made by banking and credit institutions are relatively frequent. One contract in two would be affected by these errors in favor of the bank , including:

  • lack of integration of mandatory fees,
  • calculation of interest on the Lombard year (shorter period, 12 months of 30 days, 360 days), contrary to the Consumer Code.

Read also: ” Real estate credit: good news for borrowers “

As a result, no fewer than 15,000 people decided to challenge their mortgage interest rate before the judge for compensation. The magistrate may decide to partially or totally cancel the interest on the loan and even declare the zero rates. This is the legal rate that must be applied, and banks must pay their customers the difference with the APR. This difference can amount, in some cases, to several tens of thousands of euros .

Sanitize an Bertie Woosterral “business”

Sanitize an Bertie Woosterral "business"


The race to the record seems to become commonplace in some law firms because the stake is juicy. Lawyers promise their clients, private borrowers or investors, to recover the “jackpot”. The judges being tough on the banks, they convinced the government to make an order to cap the amounts to be compensated and thus put an end to this Bertie Woosterral “business”. But consumer associations do not see things the same way. They consider that the order would break a tool for protecting borrowers even though the regulatory panel is strong enough to deal with crooks. It should be noted, moreover, that the number of sanctions imposed on banks has significantly decreased in recent months , from 59% in 2018 to less than 50% in 2019.

Retroactive capping, double punishment

Retroactive capping, double punishment


The draft order also provides for the retroactivity of the cap, in contradiction with Article 2 of the Civil Code (non-retroactivity of the law) and the judgment of “Société du journal L’Aurore” (Conseil d’Etat – 25 June 1948 – non-retroactivity of regulatory acts). The retroactive nature of the order would have the effect, for the associations, of validating the bad practices of the banks and of removing the injured borrowers’ right to compensation in the current cases .




News on Payday Loans




“It is totally wrong to argue that any rebates or rebates, legitimate state aid given to energy-intensive industries, are passed on to the consumer,” says a member of the Industrial Consumers’ Energy Consortium (EBICEN). He stresses that energy-intensive industries support exports and keep jobs stable and considers the problem of “oligopolies worse than the state monopoly!”

This is his answer-reaction to our questions, why the costs of energy-intensive industry are passed on to consumers and what are the problems his area is currently facing. Let’s look at its rationale in detail, with which most of EBIKEN’s members agree: “The total consumption of energy-intensive industries is 7 TWH with a total consumption of 51.5 TWH – only 13.5%. The household consumption profile is peaked, at the peak of the system from 18.00 to 22.00, due to the photovoltaic system problem becomes even bigger. In other words, while the production decreases with sunset, the load increases while the industrial is either fixed or flexible (for example, non-working steelworks where the current value is expensive).

The home consumer account is indeed high due to the high regulated charges (end-up for Renewable Energy Sources of 900 million per year and finally SGI 800 million per year) which are mainly borne by the simple consumer. For RES, very high guaranteed prices were given when the technology was immature, and for the islands – for obvious reasons – there were interests that did not want to be connected to the system but to consume oil and fuel oil. “


Delay of Measures


Delay of Measures


Eviken circles say that “at European level, methodologies have been adopted in recent years to support energy-intensive industries in order to remain competitive and remain in Europe and reduce some charges such as RES, pollutant charging, excise duty exemption etc .; Greece is following its implementation with a marked delay.

These measures constitute state aid, given by the central government’s money from the sale of pollutants and not burdening the consumer.

Also, one understands that energy-intensive industries maintain stable jobs, support exports. It is obvious that if European governments support industry and we do not, the Greek industry will close.

It is also false that the energy-intensive industry is not modern and not profitable. Always energy costs were important for the big industry. So, with the exception of Larko, which was state-owned, the rest of the industry (aluminum, steel, cement) has constantly invested in modernization and energy saving, so it has withstood the crisis. “


State Monopoly




For what is the position of PPC, RAE and the state bodies in charge of the energy-intensive industry, the Eviken executive believes that “the development of an industrial policy concerns only the government. Clearly there is a deficit over time. Any measures decided at European level (reduction of the RES fee) are delayed. State monopolies (PPCs) perceive the rigidity of the large industry and their inability to find an alternative supplier and are trying to increase their revenue over time in this category where they have no competition. The role of RAE, which is not as independent as it should, is to control monopolies if they respect the supply code, but also the legislator if it violates the laws. A prime example: When the government, under pressure from the PSCs / DEPs that lost their monopoly, gave triple-digit revenues for 16 months until RAE approved final tariffs. “

However, he adds, “there is something even worse than the state monopoly (PPC, DEPA), the oligopoly that attempts to support the electricity market by trying to manipulate the market with a series of distortions and subsidies to private producers. Typical is the delay in the operation of the new market and the attempt to maintain distortions in favor of private producers. The government must proceed with the immediate implementation of any measures decided at European level in favor of industry, e.g. the measure of interpenetration, and to ensure the functioning of a competitive market without distortions, according to the target model that is a European priority, as well as the direct functioning of the connection of the Greek market with the neighboring countries “(bridging it is in fact the possibility of the UHMO to interrupt and even limit the electrification of the industrial units whenever it deems necessary for the stability of the country’s electrical system. price at the auction).


Absence of Conciliation


Absence of Conciliation


Closing our discussion with him, we asked him how much he helps or hits the gas emission market the energy-intensive industry. His answer:

“The increase in the price of CO2 pollutants is a tool to continue financing the development of RES at European level. Each government for this purpose receives free allowances for pollutants, which it sells to support the development of RES in each country. In Greece, the total footprint in tonnes of CO2 per MWh produced is higher than in other European countries due to poor quality lignite and old low-efficiency units. Consequently, competitive lignite is a burden, because the charges to the simple consumer can not be increased is a huge problem of viability for PPC. Should the state budget bear costs eg islands or RES and not the simple consumer (yes, but otherwise it will return the cost to the consumer, anyway). Obviously, the Greek industry has experienced a 20% increase only in 2018, for the additional reason of not having agreed with PPC to agree on hedging – technical cover against the capital losses that may arise as a result of unexpected movements of the market), with industry taking the cost. “


“The Real Cost” of Hydrocarbons


The “real cost of oil”, from (possibly) multiple leakages in the country, would exceed € 7.6 billion in nominal terms, ie about 4% of current national GDP, according to an economic study by WWF Hellas for hydrocarbon mines in Greece. The main purpose of the study, the assessment of the impact of a major accident in Greece (Crete, Ionian, Epirus, Peloponnese, Western Greece, Anatolia-Thrace, Central Macedonia) on key sectors – for the national economy – , fisheries and the wider labor market: Due to the size of tourist income in Crete and the Ionian Sea, a serious leak / pollution incident in Crete alone could cause a loss of € 2.2 billion – a similar incident in the Ionian Sea , damage of the order of 1 , € 78 billion over 25 years. Almost 45,000 jobs directly and indirectly linked to tourism would be lost by a serious leakage / pollution incident in Crete and nearly 25,000 jobs from a similar incident in the Ionian Sea. Even if there is no significant leakage event, the negative impact on the economy is 0.8-1.3 billion euros over a 25 year period. Losses in the fisheries sector (from marine ecosystem pollution) could reach € 180 million “.